Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hair Style of the Day

My protective style of the day is some medium two strand twist pinned up with a decorative headband. I think it looks clean, professional and chic. Tell me what you think. Please excuse my work uniform in the pictures. lol


I love all things involving natural hair so I love finding inspiration for new styles and ideas for my hair. If you like looking at beautiful natural hair that makes you want to have an HAIRGASM go to Tumblr. I have a blog there that is mainly just pictures but you will fall in love with natural hair all over again by just checking out the beautiful pictures. To see pictures Click Here

Here are some pics just to give you a little inspiration

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Years Relaxer Free

On St.Patty's Day I was relaxer free for two years! YEAH BUDDDDY! I love my journey so far and have no regrets. All my mistakes (a little heat damage) has taught me what to avoid and how to treat my hair. To celebrate this milestone I decided to get highlights. My hair is already color treated in a shade of brown. I despise black hair color on me. Lol. I don't know why. I went to a natural hair salon called Mocha Reign. My stylist,Kerri, gave me great service and had me looking fierce. Tell me what you guys think?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I wanted to share some pics and my vid of my yarn twist review. I really love them but I am taking them down because I miss my glorious natural hair. I just wanted to try this style out to see if I could do it myself and I was successful. Yarn twist are easier and neater to install than yarn braids to me. I started my twist off as a braid and then twisted them. I used black and brown red heart yarn. NEVER used wool because it can lock in your hair. Yarn does hold moisture so this style is very good for dry hair that need to be well nourished. I will be revisiting this style in the future and making a tutorial video. Thanks for reading and see ya next post.