Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random Topic of The Moment: My Relationship with the Dishwasher

This post is not hair related at all unless I some how discover a way to do a wash and go style by putting my head in the dishwasher. I think that would be called suicide. Lol. Anyway, I have just discovered the usefulness of a my beloved dishwasher. I have stayed in a home with this dishwasher for a year and now I have finally decided to further I relationship pass storing away dished in it. Being a mom and a wife is a tough but wonderful job. These titles leave me too tired to wash dishes at the end of the night. Seeing a mountain full of dishes in the sink right before bed time can be a little overwhelming. So.....my dishwasher saved my nights and my sanity. lol. I bet you readers out there are like "Omg. She used a dishwasher woopdy do." but this is different y'all. It feels like a woman finally discovering a use for her husband of ten years or something. lol. What would we do without lifesaving appliances? Okay I am ending my non related natural hair post. Thanks for reading.

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