Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wal-Mart Has Joined the Movement!

Finally! Wal-Mart has joined the natural hair movement ladies! I've heard that Wal-Mart would start selling Taliah Waajid products but I hadn't seen any in the store. So, imagine my surprise when I stop by my local Wal-Mart today and come across a variety of natural hair products. On the same aisle as the Taliah Waajid products there were Twisted Sista, Shea Moisture, Beautiful Textures, and Lustrasilk natural hair products.

I love shopping for my hair almost more than shopping for clothes. I was so pumped. I was tired of having to go to Target or Sally's all the time to satisfy my natural hair needs. Wal-Mart is way more convenient since it is closer to home. I am thrilled that people are seeing that natural hair is here to stay in our community and that they might as well join the movement!

By the way.....The people in the picture are jumping for joy because of natural hair products being in Wal-Mart. lol

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